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John Holub

For those of you who enjoy the tradition of open-air impressionist paintings, John Holub's art holds great appeal. John's paintings are distinguished by their varied brush strokes and rich color. To John the essence of the painting begins on the scene. "I will use either oil, watercolor, gouache, or pencil, as long as I record what excited me about the scene," he says. " I like to focus on surprises, the unexpected, an object of beauty that has been overlooked. Sometimes it's common place,sometimes the unusual."    

John travels to a number of different places throughout the year to paint on-location, spending most of his time painting in the Caribbean and Italy. Commission work also takes him to other various locations. John's permanent studio is in central Maine where he further develops many of his on-location paintings.

Born on Long Island, New York, John was always interested in art. Even as a child, he spent much of his time painting and drawing. Years later, after a tour in the United States Air Force and a move to Maine, he finally decided to pursue his childhood fascination. He began with pen-and-ink renderings. Later on, he developed his skill as a watercolor painter. He has since gone on to gouache and oil.

Self-taught for the most part, John took a number of workshops when he first started painting in watercolor. Now he works mostly in oil. At first he attended outdoor art shows, displaying his pen-and-ink renderings and watercolor paintings. For a short he was a sketch artist, drawing quick portraits at various art shows. To promote his pen-and-ink illustrations, he illustrated a book and wrote an outdoor column about Maine's woods and waters. At one point, he co-owned an art gallery. His work is represented in various galleries throughout the United States and in the Caribbean. John's paintings have won numerous awards and appear in private and corporate collections in the United States and abroad.   

John's two daughters live in Maine. Laura, the mother of two girls is an active supporter in the girl's team sports and in the Girls Scouts. Lisa has pursued her interest in art and is an accomplished pastel, oil and watercolor painter. Lisa's  artwork is here to be enjoyed as well.

Lisa Desjardins

It's not surprising that Lisa's love of animals and her interest with drawing and painting would merge. She has that special ability to capture the character of an animal within her paintings. She uses watercolor, pastel or oil to capture the essence of a family pet or the elusive Maine wildlife. Although commission work (her pet-portraits) and painting Maine's rural and coastal scenes keep her busy, Lisa does take time to travel to various places to paint on location. Her most recent painting trips were to the Catskill Mountains of New York and to the Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre.

Self-taught, Lisa first established her painting technique with watercolor while living in Virginia and Maryland. Later, to sharpen her skills further, she studied with the internationally known artist Alvaro Castagnet. " I will use whichever medium works best to capture the essence of the subject before me," she says. Lisa continues to paint the things that excite her and thus brings joy to the viewer. She has won numerous awards. Lisa's work appears in private and corporate collections.   

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